St John Guernsey LBG

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AGC Membership No. 75
Guernsey Registered Charity number CH121 *

*The Guernsey Registry is responsible for administration of the registers of charities and non-profit organisations. The number indicated above was originally issued to the charity, but this is not an indication that registration is up to date. Please see for a current list of registered organisations

Description Aims and Objectives

St John Guernsey LBG  is a volunteer led charity specialising in the organisation, training and equipping of adults and children to undertake on a voluntary basis, either as individuals or as organised groups, first aid, caring and allied activities, in the streets, public places or elsewhere and for the relief, transport, comfort or welfare of those in need.

Our dedicated volunteers provide a range of valuable services to the Bailiwick including Event First Aid, Youth Services, Cycle Response Unit, Ambulance Reserve, Community Library and First Aid Training in Schools.

St John Guernsey LBG receives no funding or grants from the States of Guernsey and nor do we benefit from the annual ambulance subscription scheme, which is operated separately by the Ambulance & Rescue Guernsey charity.  We are funded through a combination of fundraising, donations, legacies, charges made for event first services and any surplus from the St John Training Services commercial operation.

Organisation and Management

St John Guernsey LBG is run by a board consisting of non-executive and executive directors.  Day to day operations are managed by an executive committee and a number of sub committees, who all report to the board.  There are 4 FTE paid staff who work with a substantial number of volunteers.

Ultimate control of St John Guernsey LBG is by The Commandery of the Bailiwick of Guernsey of the Most venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem (CH469), a Guernsey based charitable company limited by guarantee, that holds responsibility for the entire St John organisation in the Bailiwick. 

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Carl Thomas
(01481) 727129  


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St John Seafront Sunday