Tumaini Fund

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AGC Membership No. 266
Guernsey Registered Charity number CH187 *

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Description Aims and Objectives

The Tumaini Fund is a charity which began in Guernsey in 2003, taking its name from the Swahili word "Tumaini" meaning Hope. It aims to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Biblical imperative to care for widows and orphans.

Its objective is to support the Aids orphans, and the widows and widowers, in Kagera, North West Tanzania, where orphans are thought to number 200,000, towards independent existence by improving their standard of living, promoting their health and education, improving their water-supply, sanitation and nutrition, providing them with the means to get to primary school, supplying mosquito nets to prevent malaria, paying fees for those who pass to government secondary school, supporting   micro-finance projects and village credit and loans schemes. 
The Tumaini Fund has a Students Loan programme, enabling access to Teacher-training for 30 secondary school graduates each year and 10 to Dispenser-training, assistance is given to the brightest students to access university education.
We have & 8 vocational training schools: 5 for tailoring and 3 for carpentry.

The Tumaini Fund is currently supporting 25,000 orphans and assisting 6000 in secondary education.

There is also a shallow well/ protected spring/rain-water harvesting/ bore-hole project to deliver clean safe water - now in 70 sites. The Tumaini Fund successfully partnered with another Guernsey charity, Eleanor Foundation, to deliver 23 clean water sources funded by them.

Organisation and Management

The Tumaini Fund consists of Guernsey, English, Scottish, American, Canadian and New Zealand branches, organised and managed by committees, and a Tanzanian branch: a team of 20 Social-workers in 4 offices in Kagera, who manage a network of 300 field-workers, working with the children in the villages. The work is overseen by the Anglican Bishops of the Dioceses of Kagera and Lweru.

The UK, the USA, Canada and New Zealand branches transfer their funds directly to Tanzania in order to provide transparent audit trails for all donations.

The work in Tanzania, funded through voluntary giving in Guernsey, is deposited with Barclays Bank in Guernsey and then transferred to the Tumaini bank account at the National Microfinance Bank of Tanzania in Ngara, Kagera.

Every penny given to Tumaini is sent to Tanzania, with all Guernsey costs paid by Guernsey Tumaini workers. The expenditure in Kagera is monitored by monthly spreadsheets and an annual field-work audit from Guernsey. The Guernsey accounts and all the Tanzanian accounts are professionally audited annually

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Contact Details

Dr. Susan Wilson, Chairman.
(01481) 237142


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