Sleep Better Live Better Foundation

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AGC Membership No. 498
Guernsey Registered Charity number NP295 *

*The Guernsey Registry is responsible for administration of the registers of charities and non-profit organisations. The number indicated above was originally issued to the charity, but this is not an indication that registration is up to date. Please see for a current list of registered organisations

Description Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the Sleep Better Live Better Foundation is to provide evidence-based education, tools and products that can support the community to improve health-related outcomes though achieving better sleep. 

The Foundation seeks to highlight and address core issues facing children, adolescents and adults sleep though the promotion of evidence based initiatives at zero cost to the consumer, empowering them with knowledge and experience, and measuring impact 

Organisation and Management

Chair - Daniel White
Secretary - Michael Wegerer
Treasurer - Benjamin Le Noury
Non Executive Directors - Dawn Pooley and Richard Hanrahan

Contact Details

Daniel White
07781 416301  


Volunteers Needed