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Guernsey Town Centre Partnership

Member Number:   234

Description Aims and Objectives

The Partnership is a company limited by guarantee in Guernsey. Its objects include aiding, co-ordinating, encouraging, facilitating, promoting and undertaking the improvement and preservation of the environment, with a special focus on the town of St. Peter Port.

The partnership has adopted the principles of town centre management, acting as a focus for the co-ordinating of public, private and community activities. It is also concerned with the provision, maintenance and improvement of the character, vitality and amenities of the island, and the preparation and co-ordination of initiatives and strategies for the improvement or regeneration of areas of the island.


Organisation and Management

The Partnership has a Board of Trustees, and is supported by an Executive Officer (part time). It is non-political, and works closely with a number of organisations and States of Guernsey committees with interests in the vitality of the town.



Currently sponsored by De Putron Fund Management and Boots Plc..



Ref. M803EC1201S





Jack Honeybill


(01481) 711039 or 07781 113464








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