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Guernsey Cheshire Home

Member Number:   035

Description Aims and Objectives

The Guernsey Cheshire Home Foundation has one aim: to provide care and opportunity for people with serious physical disabilities in as close to a family atmosphere as possible. Equally important, though, is the preservation of dignity and individual independence, and providing residents with the absolute right to live a life of their own choosing within a family environment.

The Guernsey Cheshire Home is a unique facility that for more than twenty years has been providing a high level of care for islanders with serious physical disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, strokes, motor neurone disease, arthritis and the effects of accidents. It provides a home for people who need constant care and are unable to live in their own home. The home currently has ten long-stay residents.

The home also offers a very important lifeline in day care or short stay care in order to provide a change of environment for disabled people and, vitally, a respite for those who look after them. One room is set aside for short stay care for people who normally live in the community, providing respite for their regular helpers and carers. A wide range of activities - organised by the staff and volunteers - are enjoyed by the residents and visitors, and the home is a very vibrant and welcoming place.

The Guernsey Cheshire home is situated at Shorncliffe, The Rohais, St. Peter Port. The telephone number is 720578.


Organisation and Management

The Guernsey Cheshire Home is Limited by Guarantee, run by a Board comprising highly respected local professional individuals.



The Guernsey Cheshire Home does not receive any direct funding from the States of Guernsey or through its membership of The Leonard Cheshire Disability Global Alliance, and it relies on donations and fund-raising to fund its services.

The cost of staffing and maintaining the home is over 750,000 per annum (excluding purchases of equipment etc) which has to be met by donations, fund-raising and contributions from residents. This is achieved through the generosity of individuals, businesses, and charitable trusts. The home has a dedicated Support Group, which organises various fund-raising events and sponsorship.




Ref. M1001EC1407E





Nic Mountain, Manager


(01481) 720578






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