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  The Association of Guernsey Charities

The Association was formed in 1984 when a handful of local organisations felt that it would be worthwhile to periodically get together. An association was formed, and local charities and voluntary organisations paid a membership fee (originally just 5) and joined. Today there are well over 200 members.

In the early days, the main emphasis was on co-operation and sharing ideas. Meetings were organised which gave members a forum to discuss relevant issues and concerns. They were also able to ask for help from each other and work together on larger events. The Association also aimed to encourage charitable and community work on the island.

An early initiative was to produce a printed directory of members. The Directory of Charitable Organisations was first published in 1984, but as the Associations membership grew, the booklet needed to be retyped in 1987 and again in 1989.

The Directory was seen as a valuable source of information for many, including the medical and legal professions. In fact, it was the definitive guide for anyone trying to find details of charities in the Bailiwick. In 1995 a new Directory was produced in a loose-leaf format, making it far easier to produce update packs as new organisations joined.

In June 2000, the Association launched its first Internet site. The website included a page of information on every member, and a variety of ways for users to find information. In particular, there are many locally based charities offering help with medical related conditions, and the website offers a means for either the general public, or healthcare professionals to find if there is a support group, or provider of specialist medical equipment, etc.

The Association of Guernsey Charities is also responsible for the distribution of money from the Channel Island Christmas Lottery. Each year, the proceeds from this bumper draw are given to charity. Applications are invited from members and the Executive Council, who manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association, build a shortlist of recommended allocations. Since 1991, over a million pounds has been distributed to local charities, enabling many major projects. Most years, however, the amount of money available is less than a third of the total requested by the charities.

Any local charity can apply for membership of the Association (the joining fee is currently 10). Click here for details on joining.





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The Association of Guernsey Charities
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