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About Us

The objects of the Association are to encourage charitable and community work on the island, and co-operation between its members. The Association was formed in 1984. There is currently a subscription fee of £10 paid on joining the Association.

Day to day running of the Association is the responsibility of a Council of six persons elected by the membership, who also ratify any important decisions. The Association does not interfere with the conduct of its membersí affairs in any way, but through the Council is prepared to give advice and information about charity matters in Guernsey to members or other interested parties.

Major decisions are taken by members at a general meeting, after details of the subject matter have previously been circulated.

Joint Action: If a member feels that an issue can be better pursued if some or all members join in, the proposal should be put to the Secretary, who will circulate details to the members for their decision at the next meeting (or if necessary at a special meeting). The Council usually meets before a general meeting in order to be able to advise the meeting if necessary.

In practice, if a member suggests a project which the meeting supports, a number of members will decide to co-operate in pursuing the matter. Other members need not involve themselves in it.

Co-operation between members is achieved by:-

  • Holding meetings at which matters of common interest may be announced, discussed, and if necessary, voted upon.

  • The publication members details on the Association's website, www.charity.org.gg.  Contact information can also be included, including links to the charities own website if required.  The website also contains information which may be useful to charities or anyone considering setting up a charitable organisation.

Guernsey Charities Trust. The Association was responsible (with a donation of £50,000) for the setting up of the Guernsey Charities Trust (member number 118). This trust is designed to receive donations to charities where the donor wishes the capital to be invested to provide income to be used for charitable purposes within the Bailiwick.

Channel Island Lottery. The States of Deliberation have agreed to donate the proceeds of the Channel Islands Christmas Lottery for distribution amongst the membership of the Association.  Members can apply for a grant by completing an application form, which will be available on the website.  Applications must contain full details of requirements and must also be supported by full accounts. If any charity subsequently has their needs satisfied from other sources, this should be advised to the Secretary, so that their application may be amended or withdrawn.  Further details about the Christmas Lottery can be found here.

Emergency Fund. The Association also maintains an emergency fund (the Charitable Fund) which can be distributed, at the discretion of the Council, to meet urgent applications that cannot wait until the next meeting.

Benefits of Membership.

There are numerous other benefits of being a member of the Association. These include:

  • The inclusion of details about their charity on the Association's website

  • The right to put forward propositions and vote at meetings

  • Access to help from other members

  • Offers of help from outside organisations (e.g. accommodation for meetings etc.) 


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